Video Content Marketing- The Latest Trend

Video Content is the trend for 2017.
It’s high time your business invests in video content marketing if it’s not doing the same already.
You must be thinking why video? And that too why now?
First, the internet bandwidth finally allows us to watch video from any device without any trouble.
Second, theMobile technology, both the hardware and software, is driving innovation in video. Today all our smartphones are of very high quality and easy to use video cameras and even editing suites.
We also see more and more apps from Instagram to Snapchat to Periscope and beyond, making it easier to create, share and view the video.
Last but not the least — content saturation, which is driving many businesses to invest more in video content. With so many blog posts, Tweets and images out there, it’s getting very hard to stand out. There is less competition with video content, and thus more opportunity.

Here are some of the top video marketing tips from my side:

1. Don’t try to create a moment
Instead of creating videos with which you want to go viral or start a trend, try creating that video content which taps into the existing conversation on the web or in your industry.

2. Video works best when it is something you have not seen before
You should create something which is truly original. But knowing what your audience is using to seeing or what your competitors are creating can help you. Do videos from your parking lot. From your car. From any spot.

3. Stick to a schedule
No matter what the platform is or a video type you want to create, you should look for opportunities to create consistency. If you are able to convert your viewers to a routine (coming back and seeing your videos), it will greatly help in your long term success.

4. Influencers are uniquely important to video distribution
Build a base of influencers to help share the content of your video. This can include employees, customers, industry leaders, content creators, and the media or all of them together. Include them early in the process, give them special access.

5. Creating pre-packaged videos
Creating videos and animations in advance, can be used for responding to a specific emotion or respond to common questions/topics your business engages in. This is especially useful for customer service, frequently asked questions, and events.

6. Using videos on your landing pages
Video can help you in increasing your conversions of the landing pages by 80% or more. You should remember to keep these videos shorter- around 30 to 60 seconds , and make sure to give one clear call to action.

7. Ideal video length is 60 seconds (maximum)
I personally recommend the length of 60 seconds for most of your videos. Simple reason behind it is- your total engagement drops as your video gets longer.

8. Use a better microphone, when essential
Audio quality is more important than visual quality, for better connectivity and understanding.

9. Measure your video content success in 3 ways
Keep track of the time and resources needed to create a video. Video content success depends on how much it costs you to create each video. Secondly, Define platform specific engagement metrics. And Lastly, always have a conversion point. This can just be sharing your video or making it to the next video in a series. Or it can be a traditional lead gen or sales conversion.

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