Top 10 Skills In Demand By 2020

A lot has been talked about the skills one must have in their espective professional fields. It’s high time we think through what the future entrepreneurial world requires and start gearing up for the same. After a hell of a research, there are 10 top skills that I could pen down which would be in high demand by 2020. Let’s get started:

1) Complex Problem Solving: It’s nothing but skills developed to solve ill-defined problems. Strong analysis, different thinking perspective, having alternative solutions and selecting the best suited to a particular situation is the need of the hour. People with these skills can jump off the problems quicker and be faster in outcome in comparison to others. Problem solving is the key for being a better
influencer and being impactful.

2) Critical Thinking: It is a very important skill in order to think critically, and that would include analysis, observation, evaluation, explanation, problem solving, inference and decision making. It is surely an ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. It’s about being an active learner than a passive recipient and also using
your ability to reason. Critical thinking skilled people will always identify, analyze and solve problems systematically.

3) Creativity: It involves thinking of things no one else has considered before. It begins with a foundation of research, knowledge, learning, observing and having a discipline. It is purely mastering the way of thinking differently yet connecting to many. Creativity involves just 2 things, one is thinking and then producing the same. Bringing something new into existence with utmost passion and commitment is an essential skill to stand out of the crowd.

4) People Management: An essential skill for climbing the ladder of success. This is nothing but an ability to relate to others. The skill requires 2 essentials: Patience and Communication skills. As a combination of this would make you express your thoughts to people and take their viewpoint, which in turn helps in good people connect. A person has attained many traits when needs to be skilled in people
management. The Traits such as Listening skills, patience, empathy, flexibility, good judgement, and many more.

5) Co-Ordinating with Others: It is a skill where one organizes their own work and links in with the overall workflow. It includes being skilled in various activities like, multi- tasking, prioritizing, planning and executing important tasks. Identifying the opportunity and then being a part of a team to execute plans is the core mantra of success. Be a team player, become great in co-ordination skills.

6) Emotional Intelligence: It simply means that a person can measure and understand emotions of others. It is a very important social skill. The more one is aiming to be a leader, the much more important it becomes to be for them to be higher in their emotional intelligence. If we develop this skill, we can understand better, empathize and negotiate with people if required.

7) Judgement and Decision Making: Ability to make effective decisions post considering and analyzing the surroundings is a very important skill set one needs to have. The Role of judgement in decision making is purely the quality that one needs to inculcate for sensible conclusions, perceive and distinguish relations, understand a

situation, form an objective opinion and action. Take responsibility for a decision and understand the pros and cons of a decision is an absolute must.

8) Service Orientation: This is all about designing and delivering the best possible service for your clientele’. Service oriented people will recognize your needs and try and meet the same. This skill makes a person focus on providing satisfaction and makes oneself available for others. With the world progressing towards more technology, it is important for us to have this skill to be wanted in the market place.

9) Negotiation: This skill is very essential for business success. These skills can be built by people who have good interpersonal and communication skills. Negotiation skills makes few aspects really strong, such as, problem analysis, emotional control, teamwork, active listening, decision making and verbal communication. This skill can complement a person’s daily life along with their professional life.

10) Cognitive Flexibility: This skill is basically an effort to think in, without the ability to transfer knowledge for new ideas. Mental Flexibility and task shifting are a part of this skill set. Thinking 2 concepts at the same time and switching along with giving the best outcome as per the requirement is delivering the best of your skill set.

We are all skilled people, but if anything is missing from the above list we might be at lose in the future 🙂

Let’s Brace our self and get skilled for the future!

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