Instagram Business Profiles: Time For Marketers To Get Up-Dated

The Instagram Algorithm
The Instagram algorithm came out last year and it has been claimed by social media strategists that the algorithm is very helpful. You can use these algorithms to get better reactions, engage, and reach the correct target audience.

Big social media strategists have been stressing that the Instagram algorithm is much more personal than the algorithm of Facebook.

On Facebook, when something becomes really popular, Facebook shows that particular piece of content to more people. However, it is different in case of Instagram. The Instagram algorithm is based on personal use and not public use. The users of Instagram, don’t necessarily see someone’s content just because others are getting engaged with it. The Instagram content that each particular user engages with most does show up higher in his or her feed.

For making the Instagram algorithm work for your marketing efforts, I recommend‘sharing the best content with your customers and followers.’ When you emphasize quality over quantity, your users are more likely to stop, engage, comment, like, and so on. As a result, your followers will constantly see your content higher on their Instagram feeds.

Also, it’s been said that the Facebook and Instagram algorithms re-sort content differently.

Facebook constantly re-sorts content pieces, whereas Instagram algorithm doesn’t. Instead, Instagram’s re-sorting is based on how frequently one posts and how often a user logs into the Instagram App.

For marketers, this approach of re-sorting means that your Instagram followers won’t miss the content if they scroll far enough through their feeds. For example, say someone follows Digifish3 and likes to engage with the Instagram posts as well. The user logs in after 24 hours and Digifish3 has posted three times till then. In this case, the user will see Digifish3’s three posts higher in his/her feed (but not necessarily back to back).

To increase the chances people see and engage with the Instagram posts, it is recommended that you should post good(outstanding)content three times a week. Also, add a call to action. Encourage people to leave a comment and/or tag friends in the post(s). The algorithm will see the engagement level.

Business Profiles
You can also upgrade a personal Instagram profile to a business profile. The same can be done by linking your Instagram account and your business’ Facebook page. When one does the same, Instagram will pull your Facebook’s business designation into your Instagram profile. For instance, if you’re on Facebook as a blogger or an agency, that designation will appear on Instagram, too.

The Contact Button
When you convert into an Instagram business profile, you get a Contact button for phone and/or email.

The Contact button is the best reason to upgrade to a business profile because people can email or call you right from Instagram. I personally know many people who have gotten new clients only because of that ‘Contact button’. When you are setting up the Contact button, you can choose email, phone, or both. It is recommended to choose email address, but for certain types of businesses, the phone option is great because a phone call is a direct communication. Such type of businesses can be restaurants, retail outlets, event planners, etc.

Instagram Analytics
A private Instagram profile, like yours & mine, will not have access to analytics. However, a business profile has access to ‘Insights’, which is a feature of Instagram’s analytics.

To open Insights, click or tap on the little bar graph icon on your business profile and you will see several metrics. Kindly note that all these metrics are on a weekly basis.

Now, if you wish to analyse how many people have seen your post, you need to look at the metrics for ‘Impressions and Reach.’ The Impressions metric is the total number of views, and Reach is how many people actually saw your post. So if a post has 1,500 impressions but a reach of 1,000 people, it means some people could have seen one post multiple times.

A bonus Tip from my side: Add a Bio to your business profile. It’s the first impression. A pitch that will help you convince a stranger to become a follower.

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