How To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Website.

The people who visit your website, click here to get the service you are providing. Also to have an overall nice experience including loading speed and proper presentations of such services. You may have been doing everything to magnify the search engine traffic on your site, but the bounce rate is something which can make it all futile. The number of people who goes back just when he goes onto your website, the more is your bounce rate. It is like going to a shop and turning back from the doorstep. Now it may happen for various reasons, let’s find out how to minimize the Bounce rate as much as possible.

What is the Bounce rate?

When any user on the web visits your site and leaves it right away after entering it, he is bouncing back. The number of people who are bouncing back, the higher is your bouncing rate. It is a percentage of all the users who enter and exits hour website at the same time, within a few seconds.

Work on the readability of content

Proper fonts, proper font size, and proper color – the combination of these three can lower your bounce rate in a huge percentage. As it is seen the users who fall back from the website due to non-readability of the content, absurd fonts, and colors which hurts the eye. The user can only stay, or even think to stay once he finds your website presentable enough. Also, another important thing is the formatting of the content. You should not use lousy titles and long paragraphs, as it discourages users, instead break it into subheads and bullets.

Cut on the pop-ups all over the site

The users find it most annoying and irritating when they experience loads of pop-ups and advertisements, all over the site, just after entering. This is the most crucial reason for your high bounce rate. You can set a section where the pop-ups and advertisements will appear, for example, the bottom right corner of the page. It will make the website look meat and clean, which will definitely reduce the Bounce rate.

Attract the right users for your website with suggested content

All the E-com sites use this trick to gain more and more customers. The visitors may not like a particular content but if you let them explore the similar products and services they will stay engaged. As normal human psychology is to compare things immediately when similar products are together. Suggested content works really well to reduce your bounce rate. If you can figure out how to place the content nicely where it will catch attention immediately.

Use your internal hyperlinks wisely

You will never like to visit a website which has loads of hyperlinks in every sentence. In the same way, your users will feel irritated and cause bounce rate. You can use only relevant hyperlinks which are related to your website and its content.

Speed up the website

It is one of the most important steps to reduce bounce rate as nobody likes to wait for a website who takes time to load. Work on the speed of your website to give a speedy page-open to your users, and the Bounce rate will gradually reduce. You may deactivate the unimportant plugins too.

Content is the king

Most importantly, give proper authentic content to your users, with reliable data. Don’t try to fool your audience as they are much smarter. Content is the king to engage your users and make them stick to your brand. Work on the overall presentation, use videos as a pop-up content on the entrance page, and much more. But create the best content every day.

These tricks can effectively reduce the Bounce rate if taken note of, properly. As the internet population is humongous, you always need to keep in mind how to entertain them every single second, to sustain and rise in the market.

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