Does Frequent Posting On Social Media Mean More Social Traffic? Know the Answer!

Most of the masses are confused about the frequency of Social Media Posting! Are you one amongst the confused lot? Social Media marketers feel that more the number of posts on Social Media Posts more is the traffic, is that so? Let’s find out here! If I talk in general; with the frequency of your posting, there are chances that social media traffic tends to increase though this is not the complete picture!

Let’s dive into the real picture and understand how this works for Social Media. In the initial phases, social media traffic tends to increase the website traffic, but once you have eight monthly posts, you will notice that traffic starts diminishing. Are you stunned to hear that? Read more!

Know the Reason of Diminishing Traffic     

Social Media Algorithms process engaging content and thats, not all the content. So, one of the primary aspects is to post Social Media Content that is engaging, and masses could easily relate. The moment you start posting mediocre content, it hurts your traffic. And gradually, the audience begins losing interest in your content, which you post daily.

Are you wondering who won the Social Media Stats battle? Pinterest or LinkedIn? Trust you me its LinkedIn. Even Instagram performed well, and most of the people use this platform as a personal social media platform instead of leveraging it for business. Simple Instagram posts with fewer links were gaining more engagement as simple images or videos tend to get the most engagement. Another reason for this is because these platforms boost content that keeps users on their platform and not redirect masses to any other platform.

How Is Revenue Generation Related?

Social Media Algorithms are continuing to be more challenging with every single passing day. Every business continues to diversify its marketing approach, and every channel holds a bit of their total revenue generation. But Social Media is still kicking and maintains a strong presence in the life of an individual.

You may only be able to generate only two visitors with every 100 followers on different social media channels. You need not be discouraged by the traffic you receive with your Social Media Posts, and you need to follow a consuming Social Media Strategy.

Be a little creative with your message and know the worth of your Social Media Followers! Good luck!

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