9 Awesome Twitter Hacks You Should Know (But Don’t)

Being a Digital Marketer, Twitter as a social media platform has always been a platform best used for branding and generating leads for a brand.

So, do you want to know how to build more followers and generate more engagement on Twitter?

If you haven’t got the hang of twitter yet, maybe you are not using the same tricks the pros use. Here you will get 9 secret hacks that are guaranteed to grow your engagement, grow your following and grow your business.

What are you waiting for? Get Flapping!

1. Upload Videos For More Engagement – Are you tweeting videos? Visually enhanced tweets get more attention! If you play correctly, those tweets can help convert attention into interest, interest into leads and leads into sales.

2. Upload As Many As 4 Photos For Each Tweet – Did you know you can upload up to 4 photos for every tweet? Not only that, but you can tag 10 people and STILL have 140 characters left for the message

3. Search For Twitter Lists – Twitter lists are a goldmine for finding relevant tweets and targeting Twitter users.

4. Exclude Tweets With Links From Your Search Results – This is a super cool way to search Twitter. It filters out all the searches with links (much of it ads & promotions) and only returns ‘real mentions’.

5. Use Special Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts – Get to know the Twitter keyboard shortcuts and you will be blazing through tweets and searches while the under-informed masses are still trying to get out of the gate.

6. Asking Siri To Tweet For You – Problem with Twitter handling? No worries. Ask Siri to tweet for you!

7. Finds A Complete Social Profile For Anyone – Want a rapid access to information about the people who you meet online? There are some tools for that. They pool-in the data you require for social networking and then serve it up in one place. Connect6, Discoverly, and Connectifier all work with Chrome.

8. Automatically Add Someone To Your Twitter Lists – With IFTTT (if this, then that), you can automatically add those who mention you in a tweet to your Twitter lists.

9. Analyse Your Tweets For FREE – Twitter Analytics provides amazing data like average retweets, reach of your tweets, most influential content, your influencer followers, and a lot more.

TIME to get Hacking!

How many of these 9 hacks were new for you? The internet moves so quickly it’s impossible to keep up! Try working with one hack each week for 9 weeks and you will be amazed before you are half-way through the list!

Make Twitter worthwhile for you and your brand.

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