5 Signs You Should Invest More In Social Media

Social Media is the king of the Internet, as we all know that. It’s the beginning point of every viral video, photo, meme, every fails and win witnessed online. It’s a place where people go to vent their frustration, share the joy and brag about their stuff. What I feel today is that the human element is masked behind a digital wall.

It’s hard for me to believe that in the era of social media, so many are lagging behind or are not even trying. What I would do is, tell you guys a few tell-tale signs which tell that you need to give your Social Media presence some more love & care.

So – what are the signs that tell that you should be spending more time & efforts in your social endeavours?

1. You Don’t Know What A Tweet Or A Pinterest Pin Is?

If this is the case then probably your company doesn’t have accounts on any of the social platforms. The best investment here will be some time, some time to learn, explore and educate people in your company about many platforms out there, how they work and what benefits they bring with them.

Social Media is not just going to blow over because it’s new (all new things are fads according to my dad). Convincing people to charge on Social Media projects and allocating time to it is all about education. Don’t hesitate– learn what you need to and then strut your stuff.

2. You Can’t Respond To Engagement Quick Enough
Imagine a scenario, wherein there is no Social Media Executive – only you. In addition, on top of emails, taking care of customers and sorting out your finances, the last thing you want to do is have a back and forth social update session with a customer on Twitter.

This is the situation where a Social Media agency might fit into your needs better than an in-house executive. You might not get the same 24/7 approach, however you will get some very cool ideas and content is thrown your way to encourage success (where it matters).

3. You Have Next To No Engagement
Remember that post of a cute puppy got one like, posted by your mum. And her friends (on Facebook) commented “lol, so sweet, cute”. But your tweets NEVER get retweeted. Why? What’s going on? This is a sign that you are spreading yourself too thin and/or that your content is not resonating with your audience.

If cat pictures can get the engagement, it’s great. But even if it does, you are not going to get a long way with that unless you are a veterinary clinic, an animal charity, or some cat related organization.

Here the most important part of the deal is your content. However timing, understanding events and your niche’s social calendar are equally important.

4. You Post Once A Week
Another destroyer to any social account is ‘lack of posts’, with vast intervals of time between each post. Even a day is too long. If you are concerned about annoying your audience, maybe then you should think about your content that you post. If it’s going to annoy people, then you might have to prepare your content again.

This can be a little tough because you will need lots of good content ideas to share often. With time, this will get easier, as you can repurpose old content and take advantage of annual events. But in the starting, you will need to plan well and prepare in advance before you get rolling.

The key is not ‘how often you post’, but ‘what you post’ on social media.

5. Facebook Is The Only Platform You Use
If you think so far I have only been talking about Facebook, then you might have another trouble coming up. Facebook IS NOT the only place to get a social following and to get your name out in the digital world. And sometimes it might not even be the best thing to do. Pinterest is stimulating and engaging, Twitter is fast and furious, YouTube, Instagram, Vine – they all have their own advantages.

There’s so much more to Social Media just than Facebook. But everyone just seems to have their default Social Media knowledge set to Facebook only. I’m not saying that this is wrong – I’m just trying to say that there’s so much more in social media than just Facebook. And also it’s not necessary that every platform will work for you. If you’re not into any professional services or B2B, LinkedIn might not be for you, however I suggest that you should still have a LinkedIn profile ready to use if anything were to come up. You never know.

So what do you think?

Are you on top of your Social Media Campaigns or have you neglected your social accounts?

Let’s think together and resort the problems we face generally on social media!

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