3 Incredible Youtube Marketing Tools To Optimize Your Youtube Videos

Every business website owner nowadays prefers the YouTube marketing tool to promote their business. YouTube is a social media platform where you can share your video for free, and people can view it for free. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your products/services effectively and help in long-term video engagement. There is no doubt that Youtube videos are a highly useful business tool that can create and increase your brand’s visibility, build credibility, and enhance engagement. But is uploading a video enough? If you think so, then you are thinking in the wrong way. The main motive of uploading a video on YouTube is to reach conversions, increase subscribers, views, and likes, or else you would be thrown out by YouTube according to the new YouTube monetization rules. YouTube marketing tools will support you out when you think of optimization of your YouTube videos. Let’s discuss the YouTube marketing tools and their importance in the optimization of your YouTube Videos.


TubeBuddy is a dominant browser extension which can add a tremendous functional layer on top of your YouTube website. Let’s take a look at the great functions which this tool can perform:

  • TubeBuddy adds annotations to all your YouTube videos with few clicks
  • TubeBuddy creates professional custom thumbnails using branding or text layers and screenshots
  • You can engage your audience more proficiently with the help of TubeBuddy
  • TubeBuddy will help you to export the list of subscribers and social profiles
  • You can perform Find/Replace on your YouTube videos similar to that in a word processor
  • You can review the analysis of your competitor channels
  • TubeBuddy will offer you a checklist of your expected needs that you want to achieve from your YouTube videos. You have to go through that checklist thoroughly and start uploading your video.

Youtube Broadcast

Brandcast is a YouTube marketing tool introduced by Google to help businesses make the most out of YouTube. It provides insights on how to reach your audience on the video-sharing site. YouTube Brandcast consists of three sections. The first section provides you with all original content channels of YouTube that are further distributed into categories like music, comedy, animation, and more. The second section will give you information on YouTube’s audience, which is further divided into sections like teens, females, males, and adults. The third and the final part is Marketer Resources is not filled yet but is alleged to be filled with the tips and tricks on how to reach to your audience on YouTube, with sharing your content on Google+ and YouTube itself. It is amongst the best YouTube marketing tools available for both mobile and browser use. Brandcast lets you promote brands, share various contents, run various media, build channels, etc. which are significant in the journey of the success of your YouTube content.


Canva is a free graphic design tool that helps to drive SEO and build engagement for your YouTube videos. Canva will help you to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails for each of your channel videos, and high-resolution thumbnails that perform better for SEO. You must use Canva to create your channel banner and give your channel homepage a striking and unique look and make your brand identifiable.

Conclusion YouTube marketing tools make it easy for you to do the whole process of YouTube SEO. Optimize your YouTube video for higher reach and active engagement. You must take the help of the tools if you want to create a flawless YouTube video with better SEO and include all best practices for YouTube or Google. These tools will give you insights into the performance of your videos.

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